Davide Cenci - Dal 1926 logo

In 1926 Grazia Deledda received the Nobel Prize in Literature. General Umberto Nobile on the airship Norge, which he had designed himself, weathered the North Pole together with Norwegian Roald Amundsen.

1926 was also a key year in the history of our brand. In 1926 Davide Cenci, grandfather of David and Giacomo, opened his shirt shop at the same address where it stands today in Via Campo Marzio in Rome. In those days, Benedetto Croce a famed Italian philosopher, bought his shirts there.

Since the very beginning, the boutique has been a place where you can find outstanding collections — and from all over the world.

To pay homage to those roaring years, we created a new line: Dal 1926. Menswear crafted in Italy. Available exclusively at Davide Cenci boutiques, it comprises a complete line of overcoats, suits, jackets, outerwear, shirts, knitwear andaccessories made with the best fabrics, the best yarns and the best leathers. This is a new chapter in the history of Davide Cenci, offering its clients the best in style, for which Italy has become famous for.

Here the centuries-old skills of Italian traditions have been enhanced by Davide Cenci's keen designer's eye. Homage is paid to these traditions, but with a nod towards the evolution of the needs of our customers, new textile technologies and new contemporary habits. This collection continues the searchfor the stylistic excellence that has distinguished this brandsince its debut.

Dal 1926, a style consultant with an Italian twist.